New Jersey to Illinois | RV Life

Well, here we are in the outskirts of Chicago. I honestly did not think we would be back here anytime soon, but I am glad we are. Already we are finding leads for job opportunities with yoga, meditation and energy work. It can be scary diving into the unknown, but when the pieces start to come together you can’t help but smile. 

We had a very long drive from New Jersey to Ohio. We came across a bridge that we could not cross and I missed two exits which set us back. When we arrived at our campground we were relieved, especially when we saw our site. It was a big spot and it looked easy to back into, unlike our previous campsite. A funny thing happened though, right when I was getting ready to back our camper up, it started raining. Not just regular rain, but a heavy down pour. I couldn’t see anything, so I had to wait until it passed to continue. We didn’t secure our belongings well enough in our office and a lot of stuff fell on the floor creating a mess. Luckily, nothing was damaged. We made it!

The campsite was very spacious. We really liked that, however, the water there was not very good. We eventually made our way into Cleveland to explore and to visit our friend Lila. We went to the lake first and then finally made our way to the Cleveland sign. If you are ever in Cleveland, go check it out because the view is awesome!

We were only in Ohio for two nights and then it was off to Illinois. The drive went well until we hit the outskirts of Chicago. Traffic was terrible. Google Maps routed us off a highway and which was bad idea because we were navigating narrow streets with a big RV in heavy traffic. Despite hitting a curb, my wife did a great job driving. It was super stressful, but we managed to avoid getting stuck or hitting a low bridge and made it back to the highway. Not trying to make that mistake again – haha. 

I love travel, but towing a lot of weight and driving eight to twelve hours – you start to get burnt out. I think we will try to make our trips shorter in the future. But, here we are in the outskirts of Chicago. It feels weird being out here and not in the city. It’s a new experience. I can’t wait to setup classes, workshops, readings, etc. This is a new chapter for Souls Gone Wild… and we are ready!

Find Your Freedom,

7.1.18 | IL


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