I don’t care about your accolades
I don’t care about your degrees
Let’s cut through the bullshit
That doesn’t impress me
Something seems off, it’s something I feel
Come on now, why can’t we just be real?
I’m happy for your success, could you be happy for mine?
We don’t have to compete, everyone could be just fine
The one thing that impresses me, is hands down – authenticity 
Pretentious nonsense, it’s confusing, it doesn’t make sense
You’ve seen and heard it all
Yes I read you loud and clear
I can clearly see your wall
Keep it up or let it fall
But I am going to move on
I am not going to stall
It’s okay for things not to fit
Can’t we just be real?
Let’s just cut through the bullshit
I don’t like how this feels…



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