Having it All

I’m a very spiritual person and when it comes to spirituality I do come across this energy of, “if you are spiritual then you can’t be wealthy,” or “if you are spiritual then you must be very modest, humble and live simply.” I’m not saying that living simply or being humble is wrong – not at all! My wife and I are living VERY simply right now. Right now it works for us and allows us to have more experiences and spend our time the way we want. That is very important to us, but I do think it is possible to be spiritual and to have it all.

I think you can be spiritual and be wealthy. I think you can be spiritual but also have an ego. I think you can have money, be running numerous businesses, creating art, performing, have nice things AND be spiritual. For a lot of people those things might not seem like they can or should go together. That’s okay, but I do.

I do believe though, if you get to “have it all,” you should give back to your community. I think you should do it in way that is meaningful and works for you. I also think it is okay to be proud of what you have, but don’t be a fucking douche about it. If I get to a place, where I can truly have it all, sure I am going to proud. I will be honest there is a part of me that likes to show off, but I know I would be incredibly grateful and I would love to share my wisdom and help others get to that place where they want to be too.

I believe in dreaming big. I think it takes hard work, being smart, luck, the right timing, persistence and much more. Having it all may mean something different for others. To me it just means fulfilling all of your dreams. We all have different dreams. That is what makes this world so amazing.

I’m aware that having a lot of money or nice things doesn’t translate to happiness. A few years ago all I had was a backpack and I made less than a thousand dollars a month, but I was incredibly happy. The point I am trying to make is that you can be spiritual and have it all. I think it is just important to remember the essence of what truly makes you happy, so you don’t get lost. What makes me truly happy is creating, performing, traveling and spending time with people I love.

Find Your Freedom,


7.17.18 | IL

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