YouTube Culture

I got started on YouTube three years ago. I deleted my channel and started a new one called Souls Gone Wild. My wife and I do adventure videos, music, comedy, yoga and meditation. My old channel was just me being experimental and learning how to edit.

Anyway, we are coming up on a first full year with the new channel. We only have 59 subscribers and I am still working on being more comfortable in front of the camera and becoming a better editor. It does get difficult when you don’t have a growing audience, but I know I just have to keep moving forward. That goes with anything in life.

Something that really bums me out though is the YouTube culture lately. What am I talking about? I’m talking about all the drama that gets started by big creators. Just recently FouseyTube created an event on short notice and hyped it up, but it ended up getting shutdown due to a bomb threat. Was it stopped short or was it going to fail anyway? I don’t know and I really don’t care to be honest. I’m personally a big dreamer, so I can relate to Fousey on that level, but I don’t care for the fake pranks, lies and drama.

It is easy to get sucked in to all the bullshit on YouTube and it is rare to find genuine and authentic creators on the platform. I do enjoy watching Casey Neistat and Dan Mace. To me they seem very real, down to earth, highly creative and honest people.

Because YouTube has become more popular, there are more people pumping out content. It is difficult to get noticed now, that is unless you are showing half naked women, creating drama or doing something extreme. Sometimes I catch myself thinking of dumb ways I could get more views or more subscribers, but then I realize it wouldn’t be authentic. It wouldn’t be me creating something I love, it would just be me creating a piece of content just to get noticed. I don’t want to go down that road. Honestly, with all the negative noise and silly games everyone is playing on YouTube it is making me not even want to be apart of this community.

I love YouTube though. I love that it gives me a way to express myself. I can upload my photography, music videos, adventures, whatever. Its just sad that on this platform and maybe even other forms of entertainment, is that being fake or dramatic is what gets all the attention.

I have a long way to go as an artist and that is okay, but I want to make it being me, being authentic. I understand for some creators, they are just playing the game, but that is not a game a I want to play. I’m just going to keep creating and see where it takes me.

Find Your Freedom,


7.17.18 | IL


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