Why Meditate?

Tonight I will be teaching the first class of my six week meditation series. The topics for the class tonight will be learning about the aura, chakras, grounding and replenishment. To me, the first class is probably the most important class because you are learning how to get your body safe, become more present and have a way to release unwanted energy. 

The way I see things is that everything in the universe is energy. Energy is always passing through us. On occasion we resist an energy and it gets stuck. How does that affect you over time if you don’t clear it? One thing I can say is that you will have a little less space for you and your energy. The more space you have for yourself can have a big impact on how you feel.  The more of your own energy you have available to you, the more you can do and the more you can create. When your energy is in movement, things will feel like they are working just fine. When your energy is stuck or you are just operating on someone elses energy, then perhaps things might feel a bit off. 

What is the point of meditation? Well, to me, meditation is the act in which there is open dialogue between the three aspects of the soul; the feeling self, reasoning self and higher-self. What would happen if all the aspects of your soul were communicating and on the same page? How would your life start to change? Why are you here on this planet with this body? You have this amazing vehicle to experience life with. What do you truly want to experience in life? What are your dreams?

The art of meditation I series is all about setting up your meditation space. It helps you get safe and connected to your truth. There are tools that can help you get unstuck and also help you turn down the distractions so you can begin to feel, hear, see and know your energy and truth. 

I dare ask you, what if your life was a reflection of your immortal self?


7.23.18 | IL

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