It Never Gets Old…

After teaching last night, I am reminded again of how much I enjoy doing it. I enjoy teaching in general, but I am definitely passionate about guiding students in meditation. I don’t think I could only teach, but it is something I want to do throughout my life. I enjoy having numerous things happening in my life; travel, music, film, writing, etc. I love to educate and I love to entertain. 

What I love about teaching is that I am not only helping other people, but I am also learning too. It goes the same for energy healing and aura readings. What I tell people is that all healing is self healing. I consider myself a healer, but I am not necessarily healing people. I am merely giving them permission to release unwanted energy. I can’t force anyone to let go, it is up to them. Some people will come to me for a healing and have a huge mock-up to release a bunch of energy. Others can only release a small amount. There is no better or worse here. It just is. 

With aura readings, not only is the client gaining clarity and new information, but I am too as well. We are all mirrors. If you can see something in someone, then you too have that as well. This is what I love so much about what I do. Just because I no longer am a student doesn’t mean I am not healing, growing and learning. As a matter of fact, as a teacher and professional healer / clairvoyant, I am growing more than I probably was as a student. I love growing and changing. When I get to teach, I have the opportunity to watch others change before my eyes. I get to see them bring more of their energy back. It’s awesome. It is like watching a sunrise or sunset. It never gets old…

Find Your Freedom,


7.24.18 | IL

Featured Image by:  BoiUchiha


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