Showing Up

Between the both of us, we have classes and events at four different spaces. We are having success… But that does not come without failure. There have been classes that we created where people are not showing up. And there are numerous reasons for that; time of day, people on vacation, we are new, etc. But the important thing here is that even though we have the feeling nobody is coming, we still show up.

Showing up every time is us being committed. Even though it can be discouraging when nobody arrives, we leave knowing we did not give up. Last night there was a class in which people usually do not show up for, but this time someone did. Sometimes it is just a matter of patience. 

After leaving the studio last night and arriving at our campground, I had an epiphany. I’m a traveling psychic. I often don’t like using the word “psychic” because of the negative energy attached to it, but that is what I am. I love traveling and I love teaching. Making money is validating, but making money doing something you love – that is personal power. Being compensated for just being YOU. That to me is very much a dream. 

What I love most about teaching meditation is watching others learn and grow. The whole point of what I teach is for students to hit a wall and then breakthrough. People don’t come to me if they are not interested in change. Students come to me because they know there is something more, but don’t know how to obtain it or get there. Sometimes we just need some tools to help us move forward on our path. 

Last night we were talking about traveling in our RV and I was asked, “what are you seeking?” I know myself very well. I know my dreams. I would have to meditate more on what I am seeking currently, but simply off the top of my head, I am seeking new experiences. I am on the road to teach, see new places, try new things and to meet new people. Ultimately though, what I seek the most through all of this, is for me to show up. To be more present. That is what I seek.

Find Your Freedom,


7.27.18 | IL


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