Full Moon Yoga

Last night we had the full moon yoga event that the Gypsy Haven. Heather did a great job teaching and everyone seemed to really enjoy it. We got to see shooting stars while doing yoga and eventually saw the full moon rising at the end of the class. Doing yoga outdoors is a very different experience, but I really like it and almost prefer it!

The Gypsy Haven is a store in Elgin, IL that has the following; Witchcraft and Wiccan Supplies, New Age, Pagan, Metaphysical, Spiritual Products and Gifts! The owners are really cool and they also have an online store:


Yesterday was full of yoga and meditation. I taught a clairvoyant class over the phone to student on deprogramming the second chakra. We worked on clearing out programming that just doesn’t belong there anymore and replaced it with his energy and information. That is something we do for all the major chakras in the Language of Spirit Training.

I like going to the Gypsy Haven because people get what I do. I don’t feel judged which is a relief. The more classes and events we do, the more excited I get. I really love what we do and can’t wait to see how this journey continues to unfold. 

We will be moving to a new campground soon, but will still reside in the outskirts of Chicago. As long as the event doesn’t get cancelled I will most likely be filming a car show this weekend and will post a video and / or pictures on our facebook page. Go like our page now to follow our journey!

Find Your Freedom,


7.28.18 | IL

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