Moving Day

Today is moving day. I’m always conflicted about moving because a part of me is excited and another part of me gets stressed out – haha. Actually today we are not moving very far. We will still be residing just outside of Chicago. We have already seen our new campground and t is really nice, but the only thing I am not looking froward to is how close all the RVs are to one another. At our current camp site we have a lot of space – it’s nice! One really cool thing though is that at the new RV park we will be just a few feet from a small lake. I love being near water, so that makes me happy. Being at our new campground will make things easier for us because we can walk to the yoga studio we teach at. We are also closer to grocery stores and gas stations. 

We have two months left in Illinois. After that we will continue heading west. We know Missouri is our next stop, but after that we don’t know. Most likely we will end up in the southwest to avoid the cold weather during fall / winter. Although I have seen parts of the Grand Canyon, exploring the southwest will be pretty much a new experience for me. 

Speaking of new experiences, yesterday we went to a car show yesterday which was fun. Got to meet a lot of cool people. The did a cruise around the town so I was able to get some good footage of it. Today is the second day of the show, but because we have to pack up and move, I’m not sure how much of the show we will even be able to see. I posted just a few pictures on our facebook page and will be posting the video soon from yesterday so go ahead and check out YouTube channel in the next few days.

Find Your Freedom,


7.29.18 | IL


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