Path of Magic

And so if I choose, there may be an ending
And sadness may spill from my eyes
But it’s a long time coming
I don’t ask myself why
Another departure 
Another goodbye
I’ll readjust as I find present time
Is it a crime?
To fight for a dream?
Like a knight defending his king
I stand before all my hopes and desires
Protective and Passionate 
My heart, a growing fire
A lion, hardwired to learn
Hardwired to grow
To feel my energy
To feel it flow
What happens when a dreamer becomes an achiever?
When dreams start finding their way into reality?
Like a starving fisherman, I reel in the stars
Hungry to taste the cosmic dust
To taste the energy of my dreams
I know I will make it, no matter how far
I choose a path of good habits
I choose a path of magic



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