Hello Dreams

Well, we are leaving Illinois a month early. Business has been slow this month, so we are going to move on. This is the benefit of having a house on wheels!

In less than a week we will be heading to Missouri. In a way we will be doing a reset. We have been on the road for four months, so we want to take the time to do some maintenance on our RV. Also we have learned a lot since we started traveling full-time. We have learned that we only want to stay in one place no longer than a month. It is more cost efficient to stay at a RV park for a month, but going any longer than that we tend to get bored. We have learned how to setup and breakdown our RV more quickly. Moving forward I believe we will be focusing on our online content and doing workshops.

I had some workshops lined up here that I was excited about teaching but had to cancel. I’m sad that I won’t be teaching them, but there will be plenty of more opportunities in our journey ahead. After we leave Missouri we will be heading southwest. Normally we don’t like to plan, but we actually just planned out the remainder of 2018. I have been finding it difficult to find campgrounds in the south because places are already getting booked up by most RVers who want to avoid the cold like us – haha!

Teaching clairvoyance and living on the road has been a roller coaster ride for me. I have been learning and growing so much that I don’t feel like the same person when we first started this adventure in May. With each external discovery there is an internal discovery. I look forward to heading south because everything will be new, but I also look forward to it because of what I will discover within myself. Seeing new places and meeting new people is always exciting, but also going a little deeper into my identity is exciting as well. Teaching and traveling is what brings me to my bones. It is a constant state of becoming more present and learning. I’m becoming more comfortable with the unknown. It allows me to be more in the now. I have no idea what the next few months are going to be like and that is okay. What I do sense is that Heather is going to be moving towards modeling and I’m going to be moving towards music. Together, through our love of teaching and traveling, we are getting back in touch with our dreams.

What dreams are you reconnecting with?



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