A new adventure

Today we are getting prepared to leave Illinois. I am excited to be moving on, but I am sad at the same time. Heather and I didn’t really know the impact we were having on our students and friends until these last few days. I’m glad we came here to teach and I am excited to see what is next for us!

I’ve gained a lot of clarity and certainty about the decision that we have made. I truly love traveling and teaching. It just feels right. After this experience in the outskirts of Chicago, I feel more confident. I’m ready for a new adventure. I’m ready to teach more.

Something I learned while we were here is that it is really important to choose your truth and your dreams. Wake up calls will come in waves, but it is truly up to you to get on one of them and ride it to your destiny. I’ve worked many different types of jobs since I was 14, I’ve been financially secure, I’ve been homeless, I’ve experienced success, I’ve experienced failure and relationships have come and gone. What I’m finding is that my happiness has a direct connection with the decisions I make in life. When I make a decision, wether it is to take action or to not take action – am I being true to myself? If I am, I know I will find happiness. If I am not, I know I will be met with regret. For me, that is something I can not live with. I am fully aware that I have a mission that goes beyond being a husband and maybe even being a father. There is so much I want to do this life, but to keep it simple, it’s travel, teaching and music. I want to heal myself through teaching meditation. I want to help others heal and discover themselves through teaching. I want to heal myself through music. I want to entertain. I want to see the world. I was born to inspire, born to show people that it is okay to be yourself, that it is okay to dream big.

I have so much work to do, but I am excited. I’m excited because I choose my truth. I know that will lead me to where I want to be. There will be more growth periods, more growing pains, but in the end it is all worth it. I believe in taking risks. I’m sure glad we took the risk with teaching and traveling.

The company that you work for has a mission statement. I have to ask you though, what is your own personal mission statement? Why are you here? What do you want to experience this life? Why do you want to experience these dreams? What will you learn?

Find Your Freedom,

Andrew Fritz

8.28.18 | IL



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