the dichotomy of being blessed and cursed

Coming back to life, someone let me out of this hearse

They say the best comes right after your experience the worst

I got the music trapped inside, I hear it clearly verse after verse

I’ve been dying to explode, waiting to give life to these lyrics

Feel like a chokehold is being released from my neck

I already know so there is no need to inspect

Just need to better detect, better protect

Unleash wise bullets and go up a step

I can feel my confidence returning

Shedding depression from always yearning

Listen my voice return from the dead

How much forgiveness does it take?

Or the neutrality in the center of my head

I’m shaking off the cobwebs and doubt

Snakes and spiders disappear, I feel lighter

Vampires sucking my life-force, finally on the way out

This is a long road back, but I’ll get my forte back intact

God of my heart in the sky and my legs moving along this track

Theres no looking back because everything underneath me is coming undone

Dark clouds vanish, I can feel the light of my gold sun




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