Missouri to New Mexico

Well, we made it. We are currently in a small town about an hour outside of Albuquerque, NM. We wanted to be closer to Albuquerque, however, due to the hot air balloon festival, there were not many options. I am excited to see the hot air balloons in October though. 

We left Missouri and stayed in Kansas for a night, then headed to Amarillo, Texas. The entire road trip from Missouri to New Mexico was really smooth. Most of the land was very flat. We finally figured out how to keep our cat Thor calm and happy during our travel days. We setup a basket for him to sleep in up front with us. I think that makes him feel safe.

The area we are in is pretty desolate. We pulled up to the RV park and the lot was almost empty, so the lady at the front desk let us pick our spot. That was a first for us. The rent here is cheap which is nice, however, it is rather noisy here due to a train. AT&T works great here, but our Verizon hotspot is no good. The weather during the day will be in the 70’s which is awesome! BUT! It gets into the 40’s at night. We knew that going into this, but it has been a while since we have had to use our heater.

There is a mountain range near us which we look forward to hiking. Today we will probably drive around town to see what there is here. Our goal here is to make more YouTube videos and continue to teach. August and the beginning of September have been slow for us, so hopefully things pick up. This new chapter of our journey is all about going deeper into the unknown. We both have never explored the Southwest, so this should be interesting. 

Find Your Freedom,


9.21.18 | NM




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