the Waves

What is that?
I see the ocean…
Waves crashing, my heart opening
Shimmering blue in the view
I could die happy here couldn’t I?
Love, a tidal wave ripping through me
It is not just the spiritual
It is not just the body
The meeting of the two, may be the greatest marriage
The call for magic, the call for dreams
Slipping away I feel my heritage
Sadness is a bomb I feel exploding
My purpose is taking over…
When the dust clears, it will be different
But I will keep changing
The visions I had, I shall keep pulling into reality
I am the magician, a modern day wizard
With my chakras lit up, like candles in the night 
I choose to be awake
I choose to see the pain
I choose to see all the love I have to give in this game
My drive derives from my heartache and hunger
To not fill the bank, but to have deep and rich experiences
Dreams are the array of fruit for my soul 
If my bank is filled, then okay
So as long as my heart is full
And I move forward each and everyday 
I just want to feel the waves



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