Perfection isn’t REAL

I don’t believe in perfection. I don’t think it exists. The pursuit of perfection is an inevitable let down. What I do believe exists is greatness. I think you can be great at something, you can achieve greatness. To me greatness is the pinnacle, not perfection. In my opinion greatness requires commitment to a craft. Whatever it is that you love – are you committed? If shit aint going right, are you still showing up? If you are not seeing the results you want as quickly as you want, will you be there the next day? The ride to the top is an investment of your energy. Do you really want it?

You might try to be the perfect husband, perfect son, perfect student, have a perfect body, but I have to say that is a juggling act just waiting to go wrong. You will inevitably disappoint someone and perhaps one of those people might be yourself. I look around and I am amazed at life, what our bodies allow us to do, nature, the universe… but we have flaws. Shit goes wrong. Things blow up, people fall off cliffs accidentally, I make spelling and grammar mistakes daily.

When I was younger things needed to be perfect. My room had to be perfect. Everything had to be in its place. I look back on that and it makes me want to vomit. To be honest I am very different now. I am living in an RV, traveling around the states. Life is not perfect; tires need to be replaced, leaks occur, the dishes are overflowing, plans change and so on. Life feels more real when perfection is taken out of the equation.

Let me paint a picture for you, a perfect picture: you can’t be happy unless you have “x.” ‘X’ could be anything. Maybe it’s a mansion, a sports car, a degree, an award, whatever. We can choose happiness now. The sports car may never happen or if it does, that might be a long time to wait to be happy. It’s a prefect picture. It aint real. You can be happy now despite the shit show you might be in and you can be happy pursuing whatever goals you have. It’s a shift in perspective 🙂

Find Your Freedom,


4/8/19 | AZ


One Comment on “Perfection isn’t REAL

  1. I agree with many of the points that you make here Andrew. In this day and age, people tend to subscribe to the Hollywood version of happiness. The perfect car, the perfect house, the perfect family etc. However, I am pretty sure that people would be able to survive on a decent sized house, a decent car, decent looks etc. Happiness does not always come from the things that we put all around us, the things that we want to use to amp up the way that we feel about ourselves. The truth is, happiness cannot be forced. It is a natural feeling that cannot be bought nor forced. For me personally, I believe that the most ultimate source of happiness is God. You see, there are three components to a person in my opinion, 1) the body 2) the spirit 3) The soul. The body is the physical aspect, the spirit is our spiritual state, the forces and emotions in our minds, and the strongest force within us. The soul is the part of us that seeks longevity and continuity, the part of us that continues on. The spirit has a strong hold on the body, and if we can feel something in our spirit, chances are that we will feel the effect on our bodies too. God feeds our spirit, the presence of God in our lives makes our spirit happy. God is real, and above all things, he want us to be happy. God does not only feed our spirit, he blesses us in real life too. He guides us, direct us, and puts a lot of opportunities in our path. God is real. If you do not yet have a relationship with God, I would strongly suggest that you begin one. If you already have one, that is great, keep working to deepen your relationship with the Father.

    The bible says in Psalm 37:4
    “Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you the desires of your heart”.

    May God’s blessings be with you brother, stay happy. ❤ ❤

    If you want to know about God in more detail, you can find further information here And Here


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