A Goal in Mind

It has been one year since we have sold our dog walking business, one year since we have purchased our fifth wheel RV and it will be almost one year since we have been traveling in the United States. Wow. What a ride it has been. And to be honest we had something really great when we were living in Pennsylvania. We had a great apartment, great clients and a wonderful group of dogs we got to work with. But, there is a reason we moved on from all of that and the obvious answer to that is travel, but for me personally it was because the creator in me was ready to take a next step. And what a step that was…

My goal since we have been traveling was to work on our blog and YouTube channel. Along our journey I added a podcast. This growth period has all to do with being seen and being heard. I love entertaining people whether that is through music, comedy or short films, but I also love teaching. I have a lot of information to share in regards to meditation, clairvoyance and energy healing. Currently I am learning about lucid dreaming and astral projection and once I feel I have those down then I would love to teach those as well.

I have a goal in mind. A goal that seems impossible. A goal that when I achieve it, will be huge at the time, however, it won’t be the end. There will be more goals. Bigger goals. But for now, I have this goal in mind. A goal that seems impossible.

I like testing myself. I like the idea of dreaming big and feeling all that doubt and invalidation come rushing in. Trust me, that sounds weird and these negative energies frustrate me at times, but I turn that into motivation. The type of motivation that no matter what happens, it just keeps going. I think you have to be relentless. Whether it is a building a business, traveling like a hippie or building an audience, sometimes you got to tuck your chin and walk forward.

What I am excited about the most for this goal is the growth. Its also the most difficult aspect of this journey, but I do look forward to being seen and being heard. I have something to share with the world; I want to teach, inspire and make people laugh. Just got to keep moving forward 🙂


3/11/19 | AZ


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