Havingness: Your ability to Have

Your ability to have – let’s talk about it.

When I look at havingness, I see a direct link between raising your personal energy level and how much you can have in life. And I am not just talking about your havingness for safety or money, but your ability to have joy, to have great sex, to have love, to have a voice, to have a vision, to have a connection with your higher-self. When I heal my memories of the past, I free up my personal energy and therefore I raise my havingness. I can have a little bit more.

When you raise your havingness you light up the people around you. You are having more than you did before and maybe others were not able to do the same. This does two things: it either inspires people or it causes envy. None of which you are responsible for, but when you feel and see this, how will you react?

So you want to be able to have more in your life, right? Start taking a look at your memories. It may not be an easy or fun task, but if you can recall difficult memories where there is a lot of resistance or the energy is more dense and are able to heal from these memories, then you can raise your overall energy. That of course means raising your havingness. Now the big question is how do you heal from your memories? Two things I recommend when looking into past memories: 1) Neutrality. When you see a memory it will probably trigger you in some way. Check in with yourself and drop the negative emotions you are experiencing and let the judgments go. By doing this you are letting go of your resistance. This takes practice. 2) Forgiveness. It is the quickest way to clear karma and negative energy. If you look at forgiveness as a color – its gold. There are two options here. You can imagine the top of your head (crown chakra) glowing gold (forgiveness) or you can visualize lightly running forgiveness (gold color) through the memory to release the resistance and denser energies.

Your body runs best on your own energy. The more of your own energy you have available to you, the more you can CREATE in your life. You can have more. And again this doesn’t necessarily have to mean money and physical objects. It could just mean having better health or having a wonderful romantic relationship.

What level is your havingness at now? What is your full potential?

Find Your Freedom,


4/14/19 | AZ


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