A shift in humanity

We all have an energy system within the physical body. An energy system is comprised of chakras and energy channels. There are seven major chakras in the physical body. During the day most people are operating on their lower three charkas:

1st Charka: survival & safety

2nd Charka: emotions & sexuality

3rd Chakra: Distributing energy through out the body and achieving tasks.

If someone is meditating or in a creative mode, then most likely they are engaged with the upper chakras. The upper chakras have more to do with the spirit of YOU:

4th chakra: identity, relationships, affinity

5th chakra: communication

6th chakra: clairvoyance (seeing clearly)

7th chakra: knowing your truth, connecting to your higher self

Like many others on the planet, in one single day I can operate on all the seven major charkas, however, on a humanity level – we are at the level of the third charka and are shifting to the fourth chakra. Hold up, what does that even mean? Well a very long time ago humanity simply operated on the first chakra. It was all about survival. As time went on people on the planet shifted to the second chakra which was all about exploration. On a humanity level we are operating from the 3rd chakra and shifting to the 4th chakra. The 3rd chakra is very much about the physical body, the commitment to the physical body, moving energy throughout the body, achieving tasks and I often see the energy of the ego show up here. It’s not happening so much now because we are shifting, but life was about conquering. As humanity shifts to the 4th chakra then it will be more about identity, love, relationships and spirit. Each shift is important for humanity, but this one is very unique because most people tend to identify as the physical body. This is why most fear death so much. We will be moving in a direction where people slowly start to identify as spirit. We have a body, but we are not the body. We are much more.

The spirit of the Earth has a dream of its own and that is to have humanity reach the crown chakra. It is going to be very exciting as humanity shifts through these upper charkas, but it will take a long time. Now just because humanity is currently operating at a certain level, doesn’t mean that is where you are at. Like I mentioned earlier, in one single day I can utilize all seven charkas, but in general, I may be focused or working on one particular chakra.

For example, now I am focused on the heart chakra. For me it is about my spirit reconnecting with my body and also about relationships. For my job I get to have conversations with people from all around the world. It is a student / teacher relationship. I am helping them with their English. Perhaps in a few years I may move on to the fifth chakra (communication) and go deeper into writing, podcasting and even music. Just because I make that shift though doest mean I never use my heart chakra.

Any big personal shift can be uncomfortable. It is a growth period. The same thing goes for humanity – we are in a giant growth period. It may be difficult and cause issues to arise, however, in the end I believe it will be for the best. What are your thoughts on humanity shifting to the 4th chakra? What chakra are you primarily focused on now?


4/25/19 | UTAH


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