What do we say to the God of Death?

Not today I thought, as I was ascending Angels Landing at Zion National park. It was the most intense and scariest hike I have ever completed. Apparently there have been 6 deaths since 2004 at Angels Landing, so yes it is very dangerous. You are holding onto chains as you climb up and can see right over the edge. Despite the fear, it was a very exciting and rewarding experience.

Recently I had a dream about death. I dreamt I was having health issues in my dream and then later thought I was dead. This really upset me in the dream and I quickly entered denial, so much so that I wanted to search for my physical body to see if in fact it was real. I never got around to finding my body in my dream, but it is very interesting how non lucid dreams can feel so real and be so convincing.

After having this vivid dream about death, I found myself lucid in another dream after a dream character talked about spirituality. I did a reality check and saw an old lady walking by and I was inclined to tell her that this was simply a dream. She didn’t want to hear it and ran off. I began getting very emotional at this point in the lucid dream and had to tell myself to calm down. The scene quickly changed to me being in a room with my wife and I again was compelled to let it be known that this was just a dream. I was trying to tell her and she didn’t want to hear it. I also did a reality check right in front of her. I was putting my hand through my other hand and I continued telling her it was just a dream. It clicked for her and she became very upset and went to hug me, but I woke up.

I’ve heard of other lucid dreamers doing this, but this was my first time telling other dream characters that it was a dream. I don’t think I am going to do this anymore because it doesn’t seem to do any good and eventually caused me to wake up.

I have so much to learn about lucid dreaming. There are many things I want to experiment with and explore. I have been doing a lot of meditation and readings around lucid dreaming and astral projection and I have been learning about how to prolong these experiences and how to have them more often. It is going to take me some time to experiment with what I have learned, but once I get a chance I will report back with what is working.


4/29/19 | UTAH


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