Turning a Nightmare into a Lucid Dream

I was having a dream in the kitchen of the house I grew up in. Suddenly, the dream shifted and I found myself outside the house. I saw my mother off in the distance and wanted to ask her a question, but before I could do that I grew fangs. I thought this was strange. Then eerie music began playing from the sky. I could sense this dream was turning into a nightmare and I wanted nothing to do with it. It was in that moment that I realized I was dreaming. I thought to myself, “it’s just a dream!” The music stopped playing and I was walking toward the driveway and while I was walking I tried to perform a reality check where I would put my hand through my other hand, but I was experiencing some effort so I abandoned that test. I told myself it was just a dream, so that I wouldn’t suddenly forget and slip back into a regular dream or a nightmare. I walked behind the house and performed a nose reality check. This is where you close your nostrils and try breathing. Well I did exactly that and I could feel the “air” flowing through. It confirmed I was dreaming, however, I must have gotten excited about doing a new reality check in a dream and woke myself up.

This was the first time that I turned a nightmare into a lucid dream and it was also the first time I did the nose reality check in a dream. This is progress. I want to share what I did yesterday that I believe helped me have this lucid dream:

  1. Performing different types of reality checks numerous times throughout the day
  2. Setting the intention to have a lucid dream numerous time throughout the day
  3. Drinking tea with valerian in it about 1.5 hours prior to falling asleep
  4. Talking about lucid dreaming with others
  5. Running Earth & Cosmic energies in meditation prior to going to sleep.

For more information about running earth & cosmic energies check out this youtube video I created: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5nGIKNP02M

Of course having a few lucid dreams in the recent past and being consistent with dream journaling are big factors as well. I’m starting to sense a shift in my practice and I feel as though I may start having lucid dreams slightly more consistently. I don’t mean every week, although that would be wonderful, but every few weeks instead of once a month. We shall see what happens…

Find Your Freedom,


5.9.19 | UTAH

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