Waking up is the BEST drug…

I remember my first spiritual awakening. I was reading the book, “You are the Answer,” by Michael Tamura. That is when it really hit me. It was then I realized that I am a spiritual being with a body. It was a wonderful feeling, so much that I cried amidst this discovery. I think people often think that once you have a spiritual awakening, then you are awake and that is it. I have found through my experiences that the process of waking up just keeps on going. I am still learning, growing, changing and healing. I am still waking up and it is the best fucking drug I have ever taken in my life…

I continue to realize that I really love being present. I love the feeling of it. I love being present in my physical body and I also love being conscious out of my body. I have an affinity for both. They are both amazing experiences.

I don’ think that waking up makes you better than other people. It’s a personal journey that increases your self-awareness. You are simply becoming aware of what you already know. Waking up has made me a better person. Waking up helps me walk down my own unique path. Because I have found something that helps me so much, I love to share it. I know there are others that want to wake up too. They want to know themselves. They want to know what their dreams are. I don’t have other peoples answers, but I do have tools to share so people can discover their answers on their own. When you discover your truth, quite naturally you start to cut the fat from your life. You cut the bullshit out. You don’t tolerate the invalidation. You begin to embrace your worth. When I was a student, my teacher told me that I didn’t know my worth and at that time I didn’t. I know my worth now and I continue to grow into it.

I think if people really knew what they were capable of and believed in their abilities they already have within themselves, life may be different. Life would be magical. Amazing things happen when there is a union of body and spirit. There is creativity and flow. I have to ask, what kind of life do you want live? What do you want to create?

Take the keys back, get in the fucking car and make this the best damn life you can imagine!

Find Your Freedom,

5/19/19 | UTAH

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