Getting High in a Dream

I had two interesting experiences the other morning and one involved getting high in my dream. Now I have smoked weed before in past, however, I no longer do that nor drink alcohol because I highly value mental clarity. I am not against others doing it at all though. Anyway one early morning I was having trouble getting back to sleep, but I managed to finally drift off. I ended up having a dream where I was trying to go to sleep and was having trouble haha. I came across this guy who gave me a purple weed edible. I took it and became immediately high. The experience in this dream did not last long, however, this was the first time I have experienced something like this in a dream. I’ve heard of people taking drugs in lucid dream, so the idea was not far fetched. I don’t think that is something I would want to do in a lucid dream though. I’m still working on stabilizing and prolonging my lucid dreams. I want them to be more clear so I can experiment more in them. So, getting high in a lucid ream is not really on my bucket list.

I also had another lucid dream and this one was unfortunately short, BUT – it was my most VIVID lucid dream yet. I found myself in my parents yard and immediately knew I was dreaming. This is unlike my first few lucid dreams where I noticed something strange or a dream character was talking about dreams or spirituality. I just knew right away and when I saw the scenery I was rather impressed. Despite the lucid dream being more vivid, I do know that it wasn’t the pinnacle of vividness. I know that I can reach higher levels of visual clarity and richness. The reason I know that is because I’ve had regular dreams that were far more vivid. I remember begin in a dream and jumping into water and I felt as though I may of had a brief moment of higher awareness because I was looking around and was amazed of the dream environment and the vividness. It reminded me of watching a new film and the graphics blowing my mind away. That’s my goal though. I really want to have a hyper vivid lucid dream. One that is stable and one that I can prolong.

What has been your most vivid dream?


7/2/19 | SD

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