RV Travel & Practicing Lucid Dreaming

I discovered lucid dreaming while traveling in an RV throughout the United States. A bulk of the time that I spent practicing lucid dreaming I was in Southern California for the winter. Since it is no longer cold, my wife and I have been traveling more. Normally we spend a month in one place and then move on, however, for the past two weeks we have been traveling much more quickly than that.

What I have noticed for me is that if I increase how quickly I am traveling, my lucid dreaming practice seems to suffer. The same goes for my meditation & exercise routine. Also what I have noticed is that the more stress I experience the worse my dream recall is. We had some very strange and unfortunate experiences while traveling recently…

My wife and I took the RV down to Vegas for a job event that she got to speak at. While we were there the AC cut out which was not good because it was 110 degrees Fahrenheit! I managed to get the AC back on but it would eventually shut off. This happened a few times until I decided to give up and just open the door and windows and turned the fans on. We have a cat and dog and I had to use frozen fruit and vegetable bags from the freezer to cool them down. Once the sun went down and the temperature dropped a little, the AC was able to stay on.

The next morning around 4:00 AM I woke up to a strange smell. I thought it was propane and was concerned that maybe our cat hit the knob on the stove to activate the propane, however that was not the case. I then realized that it was coming from our black tank which was heated up from the weather the day before. So, I went outside and started draining our black tank. For those that don’t know what the black tank is, it is where the RV toilet waste goes. I had to adjust the sewer line which is in two pieces and when I did that it disconnected and the toilet waste started pouring all over the concrete slab that our RV was parked on. Holy Shit! Can things get any worse than this? Yes, apparently they can….

On our way back to Wyoming we blew out a tire. My amusement was running low, but we did manage to replace the flat with our spare tire pretty quickly. But that wasn’t the end of our strange series of events! When we arrived to our RV park in Rawlins, Wyoming and tried putting out our slide, but it was not able to go out. It was starting to feel like I was in a nightmare. Sure I get frustrated with living in an RV from time to time, but this is also my dream and it felt like my dream was fading. Living in an RV means living in a small space. Living in an RV with a slide that can’t extend out is just no good, especially if you have pets. Fixing an RV slide is not a cheap fix. Uncertain of what we were going to do we continued on to our RV Park near Devils Tower. I thought the chaos was over, but…

It was night and I was teaching online. My wife came into the office and mentioned something about a tornado warning. I thought okay, that’s not good, but nothing will probably happen so no worries, right? Well I went outside to take a look and it was raining a little bit, but then it turned into hail. I thought well, that’s not good. Some time passed and the wind and rain picked up.

“Tornado Warning, Tornado Warning,” said the mans voice over the loud speaker. My wife and I got our pets, got in the truck and headed to the local bar which had a basement. Heather took Thor and Lucy downstairs with her while I stood outside in front of the bar watching and waiting with some of the locals. Lightning struck and the power went out. I realized then that I was probably getting released from my teaching slots for the night because I was inactive. I was informed that a tornado touched down in a nearby town, but nothing ever happened where we were.

We eventually got the all clear and returned to our RV Park and luckily the electric turned back on when we arrived. Aside from our terrible internet reception here, that seemed to be the end of our string of bizarre events.

So aside from traveling more often, situations like these do not help with help with having low stress levels. When stress is high, my dream recall ability goes to shit. I did, however, have a rather interesting experience this early morning…

I was having a regular dream and I eventually found myself in a bed at the house I grew up in. I seemed to be waking up in the bed and then I started to perform a reality check. My hand went through my other hand. It was strange because in the dream I felt as though I was waking up, yet I experienced my hand going through my other hand which confirms that I am dreaming. I just thought that it was too late to experience a lucid dream because I was waking up and would no longer be sleeping.

Bam! The sound of the door to the bedroom in our RV slid open and I saw my wife rushing to the bathroom. I then realized, oh, that was a dream. Now I am actually awake.


7/19/19 | Wyoming

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