Dreaming of Dream Recall

The other night I had a dream of flying. I found myself outdoors and there was this wolf character near me. I looked over at a small garden and noticed some pottery with different images and names on them. I found one that had the word “wolf” on it and I pointed it out to the wolf character. I then ran off and lifted off the ground. I had some difficulty continuing to fly for only a second, which does happen to me from time to time, but then I figured it out and quickly flew away at a very high speed. I was flying so fast I could hardly recognize anything. I eventually woke up.

Even though I wasn’t lucid in that dream it was still a lot of fun. Some of my favorite actives in dreams involve flying and telekinesis. I’ve experienced them more so in regular dreams than lucid dreams. I do think that when I do fly or do something like telekinesis, I have a slightly raised awareness in the dream state, but I’m just not aware of the fact that I am dreaming.

Recently, but on a different night I dreamt of looking at a pad of paper that had a list on it. When looking at it I was aware that it was a list of dreams or goals that were desired to be manifested. Near each goal was a dollar amount. Later on I found myself in a room by myself and clearly had the thought in my mind that should recall my most vivid dream. Before I actually could recall my most vivid dream, I woke up.

I have dreamt about lucid dreaming. I have dreamt about astral projection. And now I have dreamt about dream recall. In most of those experiences, ironically I never became lucid. All I can really do is just laugh at it, but it just goes to show you that when we are in the dream state, we truly believe that it is our reality. At least until we wake up…

I have not had a lucid dream or conscious out of body experience since starting my 30 day lucid dreaming challenge, but I feel I am making progress. One main goal for my next lucid dream is to prolong the lucid dream, so that I can have more “time” to experiment.


8/17/19 | Iowa

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