Workamping Opportunity

My wife and I have our appointment scheduled to drop our RV off at the repair center. If everything goes well then we will head southwest to Arizona for the fall / winter, but we will not be going to Tucson. There are two main reasons for this change: 1) I found a workamping opportunity in Phoenix. 2) I found a cheaper and better music studio to practice at!!!!!!

So what is this workamping opportunity all about? Well, basically I will work for the RV resort 2 days per week (16 hours) and that will cover our rent and utilities. Not bad and I can still work online teaching English. So, what do I have to do at the RV resort? Just general housekeeping – they need help with cleaning up in common areas. Easy enough in my opinion…

Now for the music – I found a music studio that has a cheap hourly rate and I can not only practice singing, I can practice other instruments as well, including drums! Super excited about this.

I really want to get more serious about practicing music and I realize that being consistent will be key. So in the future we may reduce the amount of time we actually travel, so I can be in a major city and have access to a music rehearsal space. The beauty of this idea is that we can be in the south for the winter avoiding the snow, then go check out some national parks in the Spring before the crowds get there and then go park somewhere and get right back to music for the rest of the summer.

Dealing with the RV slide not working and trying to figure out how I can incorporate music into my life has been stressing me the hell out, but I finally figured out a solution. I know that when I’m ready to start a band or join a band I will have to make some changes, but I definitely won’t be ready for that anytime soon.


8/30/19 | IOWA

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