Meditate More

Lately I have been having the urge to meditate more. All I have really been doing in my recent meditations is getting grounded and running a lot of earth energy through my energy system. I like the feeling of being present. I like feeling the weight of my body and having those brief moments of not having any thoughts. I am simply just being. I love it.

Aside from just enjoying meditation, another reason I am increasing how often I meditate is to boost my chances on having lucid dreams. I am doing a 30 day lucid dreaming challenge mainly to motivate myself and inspire others to lucid dream. I have not had any lucid dreams yet during this time period, however, I feel as though I am close. I have had dreams about dream recall and I have had dreams about lucid dreaming. Prior to and during this 30 day challenge I have been experiment with various supplements to increase my chances of having lucid dreams. I will talk about that more in another blog when I finish my experiment.

Recently I have been trying out a new work schedule which allows me to work one hour then take an hour break. From there I just keep alternating from working a full hour then taking another hour long break. Anyway, during my breaks I take some time to meditate. By doing this it makes mediation much easier in my opinion, because I am constantly moving energy throughout my body.

My three pillars of health are nutrition, exercise and meditation. To me these are very important. I’m never perfect with these, but I always try to do my best. I think health is much more than this though. I think your environment, the people you interact with, and whether or not you are pursuing your truth can also play a big part in your health.

Meditation gives me the ability to manage my emotions, clear my mind, heal myself and to learn more about myself. It is a way for me to work on having clarity, certainty and seniority in my own life. Meditation is very much like exercising. If you spend months getting physically fit and then suddenly stop going to the gym – you are going to lose it. Same with meditation. It is something you have to do daily. I don’t like the feeling of being stuck and this is why I meditate more.


8/31/19 | IOWA

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