Endings & Beginnings

I sense greatly that my internal landscape is shifting. There is destruction, therefore there is an ending. With an ending, there will be of course a new beginning. The big question really is, what is that new beginning?

I’ve gone through this many times before in my life, but they seem to just get bigger and bigger I suppose. I’m referring to the growth periods. And I guess that is the way it should be right? You want to progress with your goals and dreams. If the metaphorical mountains get smaller and easier, how might you achieve those bigger aspirations?

When something is ending in your life, but the new thing has not yet manifested – you feel like your are in this state of limbo. You are in the unknown. I’ve gotten pretty familiar with this experience, however, even with all my past experiences, it still can be difficult.

That in between stage is strange because you think about what you are leaving behind and you also think about what is next. That makes it difficult to be present through the transition. That is why I meditate more when I am experiencing a lot of growth or transformation.

Sometimes it is just a matter of surrendering, relinquishing control and just trusting that things will work out. The past is already gone and the future isn’t here, but I do have today. I have right now. And I trust myself.


9/4/19 | IOWA

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