Lucid Dreaming Challenge Failure

Well my lucid dreaming dry spell continues…

Despite doing daily meditation, going out for walks, getting sunlight and doing reality checks for a full month – I did not have any lucid dreams. I even tried experimenting with supplements towards the end of the challenge, but that didn’t bring any success unfortunately.

I think I was doing all the right things, but due to the change and stress that I am going through right now, I think that has played a big part in my dream recall and ability to lucid dream. During the challenge I had some interesting experiences and the supplement that I was experimenting with really helped with my dream recall which I will talk about in another post at a later date.

During the lucid dreaming challenge I experienced the following; dreaming about dream recall, dreaming of waking up, yet I was still in a dream, having a dream with a dream character mentioning lucid dreaming, thinking about doing reality checks or the reality check just not working in the dream.

Because of these experiences I was having in my dreams, it felt like I was making progress, but I just wasn’t able to get lucid in any of my dreams. Despite failing the challenge, I am going to continue my practice. Meditation and reality checks have really helped in the past with lucid dreaming and I think I’m just experiencing so much change and stress that it has been disruptive to my dreaming overall.

As always, I will continue to post my thoughts and experiences on lucid dreaming and astral projection.


9/7/19 | IOWA

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