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My name is Andrew Fritz and I am a spiritual teacher, artist, adventurer and entrepreneur. I love to express myself and create content on my blog, podcast and youtube channel. I went to a psychic school in Chicago, IL and took the following classes and trainings:

  • Basic Meditation (6 weeks)
  • Advanced Meditation (6 weeks)
  • Kundalini Meditation (6 weeks)
  • Energy healing (6 weeks)
  • Advanced Energy Healing (6 weeks)
  • Clairvoyant Training I (6 months)
  • Clairvoyant Training II (6 Months)
  • Men’s Clairvoyance (6 Months)
  • Spiritual Autonomy (6 Months)
  • Teacher Training I (6 Months)

I have been doing energy work and giving psychic readings since 2007. In regards to my entrepreneurial background, I ran a small dog walking business in the outskirts of Philadelphia for over two years and then sold the client list to a local competitor.

If you have any questions about psychic readings, classes or trainings I offer, feel free to reach out!

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