Energy Healing


1 Hour Remote Energy Healing: $120

This is a remote energy healing / reading to the three core levels of your soul; feeling self, reasoning self and higher-self. It is also designed to heal your spiritual anatomy both in and out of your physical body. This healing can take days, weeks and even months to fully settle. I work with the energy of forgiveness which is the quickest way to clear karma and unwanted energy. I am simply giving you permission to clear. It is really up to you on how much you are currently willing to let go. During this process I encourage you to take care of your body; eat healthy, exercise and try to stay away from drama.

I perform the healing remotely through meditation and afterwards I will email you detailed information about what you were clearing and how you will benefit from it. Once you have read it, we then can have a conversation via the phone or video chat to discuss any questions you have about the healing.

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