Psychic Readings


30 Minutes: $60

1 Hour (includes time for questions): $120

Aura Reading: in this reading, I will take a look at the seven layers of your aura. Each layer of your aura corresponds to a different aspect of you life. There will be plenty of time for questions at the end.

Astral Projection Reading: Maybe you are a beginner and want some clarity around having out of body experiences or perhaps you are more advanced and just want some clarity around a next step.

Lucid Dreaming: Gain more clarity around conscious dreaming and your ability to control you dreams!

Creativity Reading: There are three levels of creativity; the creativity of the body, the mind and the soul. I will take a look at how you utilize all three levels into your life.

Male Energy: Male energy is direct. Running your male energy can help you become more present and help you get shit done.

Past-Lives: Do you have an affinity or great curiosity of certain time periods in the past? Maybe it is because you had a past-life then. In a past-life we will take a look at who you were, what you were doing and how it relates to what is currently happening in your life now.

Soul Totality: There are three aspects of the soul; the feeling self, the reasoning self and the higher-self. In this reading I will say hello each aspect and examine the communication between them.



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